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  • In this Youtube YTA Masterclass, you’ll learn about the next big business model. It’s a NEW WAY to leverage YouTube to make money online without being a “YouTuber” or even spending a dime on YouTube ads.

  • During these uncertain economic times, it’s critical to add a few more passive income streams with free download. Especially when you have extra time at home, you should definitely use that time to your advantage.

  • The great thing about this YouTube course is that it’s super easy and fun. It’s created by 3 young entrepreneurs.

  • Caleb and his business partner Ryan didn’t know about YouTube Automation until they met Devon. When he explained what he has been doing, they were blown away by the results. Devon was making $30,000 profit a month off of YouTube channels that were fully automated and outsourced.

  • So Caleb cut Devon a $100,000 check to film The YTA Masterclass, teaching everything he knows about YouTube automation using direct links to download it.

  • Part of the deal is that Devon doesn’t hold anything back, and shares his entire duplicatable formula… the same formula that is the reason he owns many of the most successful YouTube Automation channels in the world…
Bao gồm:
  • The 8-Week YTA Masterclass – Lifetime Membership and Access ($4,997)

  • Done-For-You Tools, Softwares, Templates, & The YTA Checklist ($997)

  • The SOPs To Scale Your YTA Empire ($497)

  • The YTA Members Only Community ($297)

  • The Maximum Wage Mentality (PRICELESS)

  • BONUS #1: Devon Will Train Your YTA Team For You ($1,997)

  • BONUS #2: Fund For Free ($1,997)

  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #3: Tripling Through Translation ($997)

  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #4: Monetizing Outside Of Monetization ($797)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #5: YouTube Advertising Mastery ($997)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #6: YTA Investing ($197)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #7: YTA Channel Flipping Secrets ($497)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #8: Celebrity Automation ($497)
  • YTA MASTERCLASS Bonus #9: How To Get Your Channel Monetized ($297)
  • PLUS We convinced Devon to give out the YTA niches to even more people so you don’t miss out on them…

  • & All The Other Bonuses
Download khoá học:                         Youtube Masterclass (16 GB)

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